Specializing in medical collections.
Millennia Collections, LLC is a BBB Accredited Collection Agency in Newnan, GA
A Clearer Way To Debt Recovery
"We specialize in getting you your money and keeping you informed"
Millennia Collections
          is a full service debt collection agency serving clients nationwide. Millennia Collections believes that YOU did the work, YOU provided the service, and YOU deserve YOUR money! It is our job and our privilege to get it for you. We specialize in getting you your money and keeping you informed. We offer hard work and visibility.
Our Professional Guarantee
  1. We don’t give up until you get paid.
  2. You have complete visibility to hold us accountable.
  3. We are only paid when you are paid.
You will know everything we are doing per account because you can follow along online. Regardless of how much we work on an account, if we do not collect the money for you, we just worked for free. Now, do you believe we are going to make every attempt to get in touch with your debtors? Of course we are, and you will know about it every step of the way.
A Consistent Pursuit of Collection Perfection
"Millennia Collections is extremely driven and results-oriented"